Thursday, 3 March 2011

Moon - under-hyped... under praised?

Some films get a massive build up and I feel it can be a curse - how can it live up to weeks or even months of statements of its earth-shattering originality and spectacle? In fact I find life can also be like that. Ever had some event or item in your life given the big-up and then been somewhat underwhelmed?

This, for me, was true of Avatar. I mean its a spectacular film to look at. I wouldn't have missed going to the cinema to behold all its 3D, eye-popping CGI'ness. But it just didn't deliver for me the big 'WOW' I would have liked. It didn't get under my skin with either scripting or those well poised, memorable moments than remain with us from the really great films.

Moon on the other hand I knew nothing about till I happened upon the BAFTA winners for 2010 - and there, receiving the award for 'Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer' was Duncan Jones for Moon. The title of course made my 'scifi sense' tingle. And then they showed a brief clip. At THAT moment the fundamental part of my brain that says "GIVE ME SCIFI" was awakened from slumber. So aided by a new bluray player that needed feeding I grabbed a copy.

Now this was the WOW I'd been looking for! A bit of digging revealed that it was released soon after Christmas (not good for marketing apparently) AND along with whatever the latest Harry Potter was - so was shoved aside and - dare I say it - eclipsed?

I'm not going to talk much about the plot because if you've not seen it I'll just spoil it.  Its a real thinker - I mean there's a story with pauses and everything! A real scifi story!!! Also some excellent homages to other scifi milestones. Sam Rockwell gives a stunning performance - performances in fact (I'll say no more!).

For me its a future classic and I rate it alongside all my other faves - Alien, Dark Star, Bladerunner etc.

So watch this film! It's a breath of life into the genre that often suffers from slap-dash scripting and pile-em-high special effects.

No hype - just a recommendation.


  1. I concur, Moon is a true gem for scifi followers, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Regarding Avatar, maybe what you feel was partially caused by excessively high expectations due to its massive marketing?

  2. Your probably right there Nuno - not sure if I remember any film getting quite such a build up!