Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Help This Poor Author.

As science fiction fans go about their daily business, little do realize the plight of some authors.

Take for example Neal Asher, seen here on the 17th of February. Happily answering fans questions on his video blog you might imagine? 

                A Science fiction author?

Well guess again...

Here's another video blog moment....later the same day perhaps?

                A poor overworked old man. Enslaved and oppressed.

Only notice the date! 10 days have elapsed and this author still wears the same nondescipt t-shirt - no doubt not even being allowed to leave the room! His bleary eyes watery and aching from constant work. His legs wasting away and back deformed as he hunches interminably over his desk of confinement.
So now we see the truth of publishing! 10 days later and what was ostensibly a video blog can be seen for what it really is - a cry for help!

So what can we do? We must come to the aid of this graying old gent! We must buy the new book he has toiled so hard upon - hoping maybe...just maybe, the funds will enable him to break free from this treadmill of literary pain.
It will no doubt take time for him to reassimilate into society - into a world where he can once more move about freely and choose his own clean fresh clothes every day.

One day he may even get some street cred back...but we mustn't reach too far too soon.

So help Neal Asher - if not you then who? If not now then when?

Preorder his new novel, 'The Departure' and give Neal a chance at life.

Remember, science fiction authors are people like you and me.

God bless Neal.

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