Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Work of Neal Asher on the Culture show

It will come as no surprise to devotees of Neal Asher's superb series of post-cyberpunk novels that he should feature on BBC2's Culture Show during World Book Night.

Perhaps it is with a sigh of relief that a maligned genre such as science fiction should finally be welcomed and recognized for the fine literature it is.

Lets take a moment to savour this event - one which we will be able to tell our children and grandchilren we witnessed. 

Below is a still of this momentous occasion.

Some old duffer next to a really good book.

Yes, admitedly, it was on the shelf of a mobile library travelling the backstreets of Torquay.

Yes, is was over the shoulder of a man in questionable headgear interested only in booking out some James Patterson.

No, it wasn't mentioned at all during the entire programme.

But grand change like this will surely be gradual.

Always was in our lifetime.


  1. Little steps... little steps... :))

  2. Ahah, someone else who is always looking at the books behind on TV programs!

  3. Takes time Nuno...8)

    You're right Neal - if theres a row of books on the telly then my head will be sideways.