To Whom it May Concern...

I'm a 40 something chap who likes scifi. I live in North Wales with a wife and a dog - both of which respond well to good food and regular outings.

I became disenchanted with fantasy (ahem) some years ago and fell upon Ottakars in Llandudno hoping find a replacement. Wow - did I ever.

The amount of good UK scifi authors is astounding - not to disrespect other nationalities, but there's something about a guy in Essex turning out epic galaxy spanning, heart thumping page turners I find particularly heartening.

Authors of industry and vision - Neal Asher, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Iain M Banks....the list goes on. Their worlds are amazing and through the act of reading we make them a little our own.

Here's to science fiction. Always a good night in.