Thursday, 24 November 2011

Terra Noooooooo! (va)...

At some point before I shuffle of this mortal coil to join the choir invisible someone will surely have to produce a decent sci-fi series. Along comes Terra Nova and I think "ok Stu, now don't be a 'glass-half-empty' kinda guy. Give it a chance - have an open mind."

Unfortunately into my open mind poured this drivel. I can see the Star Trek hallmark very slightly from Brannon Braga's and Rene Echevarria's involvement. But it just feels like the very worst Star Trek episodes (and I mean the worst minute of the worst episode)...

Rod Hallett & Stephen lang contemplate their career choice.

Is it just me or were those opening minutes full of promise? Anyone who has read Julian May's 'Saga of the Exiles' perhaps went slightly wobbly as they wondered if that Pleistocene plot was going to inveigle it's way in... But no, things soon got back to the current status quo of dreary, trite, rehashed, brain-numbing, adolescent crapola we're used to (apologies for that slight to adolescents.)

Are people really walking around making money from writing this stuff? All the effort that goes into the production of a series and it can't be fitted around a script worth staying awake for? Sad really.

Meanwhile, where is Firefly, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Universe, V (2010) etc? Cancelled. Do you know anyone who would choose Terra Nova over any of the foregoing and probably a load of others I've forgotten?

Bring back any of those cancelled shows - bring back Battlestar Galactica - just don't bring me back in time and bore the living brain out of me. Nuff said.

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