Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Neal Asher...the parasite...

Oh wait....I mean 'The Parasite', his old novella now self-published for Kindle.

Currently at #9 in Amazon's 'Science Fiction - High Tech' list and #15 in Space Opera.

 Here's the blurb...

The Parasite, a science fiction novella (40,000 words) by Neal Asher
After mining complex ices deep in the Solar System, Jack Smith is concerned about his profit margin, but is it him who doesn’t want to face quarantine or something squirming inside him? The Cryon Corporation Director, Geoffry Haven, is also concerned about the bottom line and might consider Jack an expense he can no longer afford, though perhaps suitable for a starring role in a snuff movie. Meanwhile, the human and unhuman agents of World Health must investigate. Perhaps it’s time to deploy vat-grown killers and an anti-photon weapon, because the parasite is coming to Earth, and it’s hungry.
The Parasite was first published by Tanjen Ltd as an illustrated novella back in 1996. Tanjen closed down a number of years later and since then the novella has been difficult if not impossible to obtain. There are copies out there, but checking recently I haven’t seen one for below $50.00, which is a hell of a lot for something only 130 pages long and perhaps only for completists. I’ve edited it again, thought I haven’t been too heavy-handed since I didn’t want to deliver something that had completely ceased to be the original. This is my first attempt at self-publishing through Amazon Kindle. I hope you all enjoy it!
– Neal Asher

“Once again, Neal Asher gives his reader a meal of such exquisite taste that you're left like Oliver, desiring more.” – Authortrek 

How about that for a nice easy way to publish your own novel or short story/novella?

Strikes me as well, that it's a great way for authors to republish those earlier works that may be available to new fans only at a premium price. Amazon has a few hard copies as I write for between £48 and £52! And what will the author get for these changing hands?

So its a win/win! Fans get the rare stuff and Neal gets a pint for each sold.



  1. Indeed a good way for new readers (like me) to read this work. Now I just need a Kindle... :P

  2. I wish I'd stacked away a few of the paper copies of the Parasite for later sale, but then there's nothing quite like 20/20 hindsight. I do have copes of Mindgames, however - I'll let them contribute to my pension.

  3. Hah! The word verification was 'mentl'.

  4. Don't forget Nuno that you can get Kindle for PPC, PC etc. Not the same as having a 'real' one but Neal still gets a pint so hey...

    Mental note...if I ever write a small print early work...keep a box for ME...8)

  5. Indeed, Stu, it'll be a real buy (btw, I'm in that part of TLoP when things are getting scary in the Occam; a great read, especially at night, when the house is silent!). I think I'll probably be able to run the Kindle software in my Linux notebook, I'll give it a try. By the way, you write?

    Good idea for a nest egg, Neal, but I suspect you won't be able to do that with any more of your titles -- one of the downsides of being a famous author, and one I suspect you live well with. :)

  6. I am a long term dabbler for my own amusement (writing I mean) but have been thinking about something longer perhaps...maybe.