Sunday, 13 February 2011

Alien...what a film.

There are a few films that grab you by the eyes and refuse to let go. Perhaps this is even more true with stuff we watch when we're young.
Alien was one of those films for me. It was the realism, the poise, the progressive building of tension and danger. Is there another science fiction film like it?

I'm working my way through the Alien Quadrilogy Boxset - taking some time as I'm also viewing the special features discs. The extras on films tend to be a bit hit-and-miss in my experience but these are just fantastic.

I love it when you can get under the skin of a favourite film (my wife hates the demystifying - each to his own).
Dan O'Bannon describes the films inception - how it was nearly made by Roger Corman (what would THAT have been like)- how he knew the only way out from having to sleep on fellow writer and producer Ronald Shusetts couch was to produce a damn good script, and much, much more. I found him interesting and easy to listen to.

I must say though that I still find the original theatrical release the most enjoyable. Ridley Scott appears briefly to begin with and says the directors cut is his preferred one. Fair enough, but those few scenes which were previously only in special features on previous DVD releases just slightly detract from the pacing for me.

But whichever version you prefer I would say the Quadrilogy boxset is an essential purchase for scifi fans. 

So settle back of an evening, turn out the lights and enjoy.

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